Client Enquiry

Dear Valued Customer,

At Tunis International Bank, we strive to offer banking services that are catered toward your needs while ensuring your satisfaction. Your comments, complaints or suggestions are of utmost value and importance to us.

Please fill out the following Client Complaint Form, which is also available in all of our branches.

After filling out the Client Complaint form, you may:

  • Personally present it to us at any of our branches; or
  • Email it to our Client Complaint Officer Here or
  • Send it by postal mail to the following address:
    Client Complaint Officer
    Tunis International Bank
    18, Avenue des Etats Unis d’Amériques
    Tunis, Belvédère
    1002 Tunisia


    You will receive a response to the complaint within 30 business days after receipt, unless an offsite investigation is needed. In this case a response shall be given within 45 business days after receipt.

    Client Complaint Form

You need assistance or support of an account manager

You need assistance or support of an account manager

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